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Ameer is the voice of many, regardless of race, gender or religion. He’s lived a life that chronicles the hardships of being a Jamaican-American living back and forth from NYC to VA. He has even engaged in psychological warfare on the global scale in Bosnia-Herzegovina while serving in the U.S. Army. Far from your average rapper, he prides himself on his broad lyrical ability and artistry as an emcee. His music offers a harsh but yet intelligent glorification of life; along with the examination of the extremities of both sides of the spectrum.  Ameer has worked alongside some of hip-hops legendary artists and producers, such as AZ, CL Smooth, Ice T, Donnell Jones, Todd Terry and others to name a few. On the production side of things, he has also worked with music provided by Rsonist of (The Heatmakerz), Eddie F., Baby Paul, Dr. Dre, Chad “Dr. Seuss” Elliott, Ebonikz, Lady&Tramp, Ty Fyffe and more. He is currently offering us his latest body of work titled “Peace Beloved” which will simultaneously focus on music of both past and future.

The subject matter discussed in “Peace Beloved” doesn’t take the simplistic view as “the hustler”, but actually takes responsibility. It gives the perspective of not only the action and reactions, but the ramifications of those said actions from a person that’s seen it, lived it and been closely engaged with the emotional and spiritual strife. Ameer has seen and dealt with life’s adversities on various levels which plays a significant role that undeniably reflects in his music. He is respected by people who have worked with him for his creative thinking process. In the words of Ameer…”Enter the Zone”…and let’s push the threshold of music.

With music and an approach that is rare; but can and will be universally loved, Ameer will undoubtedly penetrate the hearts and minds of his listeners. Most importantly, performing live is one of the most critical aspects of completing an artist as an ultimate package. His live performance is impeccable and rest assure he has the ability to captivate his audience with his high energy and empowering stage presence. With a military style work ethic and a strong relationship with God, Ameer is aiming high.